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HOLY SMOKE DELI is a variation of our products to enjoy the pleasure of smoked meat at home, without the constraint of long cooking over a wood fire. The products are cooked and smoked in the smoker of our restaurant in Saint Gilles.

Each meat is sold vacuum-sealed with instructions to reheat: An effective packaging for preserving flavors, but also a simple tool for reheating (in simmering water).

Pastrami (black angus beef, brined for 6 days in our original spices mix, cured and dried then smoked for 20 hours on oak wood)


Pork cheeks (salted and smoked for 8 hours on oak wood)


Pork candy (pork belly, cubed, smoked and "confit" in our special homemade sauce for 10 hours )

Orders and more info: 

- For customers: FB messenger

- For professionnals:

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